The performance of our people is the performance of our business

Passionate, solutions-driven and engaged leadership is key to our success as a business now. And it’s key to our success in the future.

That’s why here at Prysmian, recognising and developing certain personal characteristics and behaviours in our leaders is so important.

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Our leadership behaviours

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Leading change

Embracing change
Our leaders demonstrate a strong personal commitment to achieving agreed goals, while maintaining objectivity and resilience in the face of setbacks.

Dealing with complexity
Our leaders understand complex issues and translate them into concise frameworks. They remain calm and positive in challenging environments to find the best solutions.

Enhancing openness
Out leaders work collaboratively, listen to others, identify solutions and share learning. This ensures their expertise and insight is used to improve individual and group performance.

Driving innovation
Our leaders foster creative thinking that improves business results, develops boundary-breaking ideas, and exhibits a willingness to adapt and do things differently.

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Leading people

Fostering and building teamwork
Our leaders promote teamwork and facilitate communication between groups. They also drive and motivate others towards common goals.

Encouraging development
Our leaders are committed to the development and coaching of team members and/or co-workers.

Acting as a role model
Our leaders treat people fairly, show consistency between word and action, accept responsibility for their own mistakes, and promote the Group Values of Excellence, Understanding and Integrity.

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Leading business

Leading business

Leading on decisions
Our leaders make fast and effective decisions that drive excellent long-term performance and results.

Assuming business as own
Our leaders behave as an owner of the business, managing issues with an entrepreneurial approach.

Sensing the Prysmian Group
Our leaders build and maintain a wide-ranging interest in Prysmian Group business and markets (products, competitors, customers and market trends) and translate this knowledge into business insight.

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Our key personal characteristics

P4, moving from performance to potential. We have developed structured personnel development programmes aimed at creating an inspirational environment for our people to contribute and grow.

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